I write exactly what i think – but I don’t necessarily think what I write; because thoughts are transient, and shaped by our forever changing world and the people who surround us.  Never be afraid to write what is on your mind, and never be afraid to change your mind after you have written it.  It may confuse those who read your work, but at least you won’t live in confusion yourself, afraid to release your thoughts for fear of self-contradiction.  Its okay to be wrong, right?

I am Zara, Editor and Creative Director of A-MUSE Magazine ; and Author of The Diary Girl Series.  Welcome into my personal space.  It is here in which I intend to unload my inner thoughts and musings without restraint, so forgive me if sometimes my rants are raw and feel like nails scratching on a chalk-board; and forgive me when I forget to respect my own privacy and lay out my personal life for you on a silver platter to judge, condemn, and laugh at with a cruel pleasure.  The fact is, sometimes we need to tear up the rule-book and say – “Oh to hell with it – this is who I am right now and this is what I think!”

Often it takes an eye-popping outburst in order to breath and reflect, and I am a firm believer in reflection (and breathing).  Mirrors are not objects of self-absorbed vanity, and neither are blogs; they are merely tools through which one can see themselves more clearly, and then straighten out any kinks if need be.

So I invite you to judge and condem and laugh cruelly; then watch me grow, because I will be having the last laugh thank you very much.





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