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I want to start writing novellas…


I know, it sounds like this is me just going off in a completely different direction again, but its not – I promise you.  You see the thing is, I place such emphasis on getting projects just right because I am a cursed perfectionist, that its near impossible to keep moving forward with anything.  And the problem with moving at such a slow pace is that I become restless and have new ideas popping up which nag to be addressed.

But what if I abandoned my perfectionisms and started to write a collection of shorter novellas just for fun?  I could publish them myself on Amazon under a pen-name, which may help me to come to terms with the fact that they aren’t necessarily the pieces I want to be defined as a writer by.  And basically I could just set myself loose a bit and burn some of the creativity that is being suppressed while I am trying to finish off the more serious projects.  At the same time I am being productive in my writing career and building up a new portfolio of published work.  I think its a great idea, don’t you?

Plus Novellas aren’t such a huge commitment are they.  They can range from 20-50,000 words which is much less daunting than a full-length novel.  I think it would be very satisfying to get into the habit of completing stories, and drawing plots to a conclusion.  Because that’s something I haven’t had much practice in yet… seeing as I never get to actually finish anything that I am working on!

It could also be quite satisfying to experiment with different voices, different genres, and different plot-lines, but without the huge commitment of knowing that I have to stick with my choices for 80,000+ words.  Perhaps my novella stories will have a bit more more spice to them, because they will be short and snappy and focussed to a minimum number of characters.  I could even integrate some of my older attempts at writing books, I have tonnes of  enthusiastic ‘beginnings’!

Ooh I’m so excited… I can’t wait to start letting my imagination run away with me on this venture.

I’ll have to come up with a title for my new collection of novellas now.  And perhaps I can split them up into categories or genres like Harlequin Mills & Boons do!  And even use different pen names for each category… oh the possibilities; it’ll be like having split-personalities!

But maybe I should focus on actually writing and completing one first.  Hehe 🙂