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I am very pleased and relieved to announce that after a long hot soak in the bath the other night, I managed to gather my thoughts and release all anxiety in the lavender-infused steam, and magically came up with –  the master plot to top all master plots!  I’m so happy.  I don’t know where the ideas came from but they just started to flow and flow; it was like a floodgate had opened, and alas I was in the bath-tub without a pen and pad in sight…

But I now have pages of scribbled notes, so I am now feeling prepared and raring to go… COME ON NaNoWriMo!

In fact I was feeling so inspired that evening that I even waffled out a suite 101 article on NaNoWriMo Last Minute Preparation – check it out if you need some inspiration and reassurance of your own.

I would indulge you on the ins and outs of my secret plot, but I’m afraid I can’t (because I think its a pretty good ‘un and I’ll be gutted if anyone stole it from me…)  But I’m sure I’ll be letting slip bits and pieces as the challenge gets stiffer and I need to vent about my characters who aren’t doing what they’re supposed to!

I’m so EXCITED!  Whoop whoop 🙂









Its official, I am in panic mode.  NaNoWriMo madness commences in just 6 days and I haven’t so much as lifted my eyes in anticipation of any thoughts whatsoever about what on earth I am going to write… and I’m already beginning to waffle!

50,000 words in thirty days and night (don’t forget the nights!) and I haven’t even got a starting point.  This is not good.  Wing it?  Well it looks like I don’t really have a choice now, do I?  Unless I can rustle up a master plot over the weekend, which is never going to happen.  But then, if I can’t rustle up a simple plot over a whole weekend, what makes me think I can rustle up 50,000 words in a month?  Panic stations!

What makes this situation all the more nerve-wrecking is that I am in the middle of organising a NaNoWriMo Panel for my magazine, on which five or so NaNoWriMo participants will be sitting so to speak, during the entire month of November, and contributing to a joint column/dialogue on the highs and lows of the experience.  What’s so nerve-wrecking about that?  I hear you ask… Well I’m one of them aren’t I!  I’ve gone and placed myself on a panel of commentators and will now have to discuss my panic and anxiety for the entire month – in public display of all my magazine’s readers.  I clearly didn’t think this through…

I mean what if, God forbid, I don’t complete the challenge?  What if all the other writers on my panel complete the challenge and I am the only one who fails miserably?  How on earth is that going to affect my credibility as a writer… and the editor of my magazine for that matter?

I think I need a cup of tea!

My world of writing: positive news :)


Goodness me!  Following on from my last post, I am very pleased to say that things are certainly looking up on the writing front…  I was fretting about the slow pace of contributions to my magazine – A-MUSE Mag – but it was all in vain because all of a sudden I am being overwhelmed with new and returning contributors, so I’m definitely feeling the buzz and creativity again, and the mag is beginning to look very healthy – phew 🙂

More good news… two of my suite101 articles – How to Choose a Writer’s Workspace, and How to Keep a Writer’s Notebook –  have been chosen as Features for the Fiction Writing Section of the website, and one of them has even been nominated for an Editor’s Choice Award, for original content apparently… woohoo, very exciting!  So I have decided that perhaps I have found my blogging niche – articles on the craft of writing – it makes sense.

I am running a new poetry competition in the magazine too which is a lot of fun – I love reading new entries.  The new theme is Autumn is… and I am having visions of lots of leafy pics for the anthology.  The first Anthology, I have to say was very beautiful.  Its theme was inspirational poetry, and I titled it – Life’s too short.  Look for silver linings – and I published all of the winning poems alongside uplifting pictures of clouds with silver linings.  I must say I am a little nervous that I won’t have enough entries to choose from though.  The competition is only running for three weeks – I may have to extend it.  If you fancy entering a poem or too, feel free… 

Aside from all of that, I don’t have much else in the way of writing news.  Except that Na NoWriMo is drawing near and I still having begun to think about what I’ll be writing… despite writing a post on Plot Outlining for the mag.  I’m beginning to feel the pressure…

Nanowrimo – I have signed myself up – eek!


I am aware that it is completely bonkers for me to be announcing this, but it has to be done.  I missed out on all of the fun and madness of last year; and I promised myself that this November, no matter what my circumstances are, I will jolly well be taking part!

So I have signed myself up to NANOWRIMO – National Novel Writing Month a month in advance so that I can set about conjuring up a detailed plan of action ready for when the countdown begins.

I figured that despite the numerous other writing commitments I have dedicated myself to, including the fact that I am about to embark upon the final year of my degree; if I at least have an exhaustive plan of what I intend to write when the time comes, then the likelihood of me losing the plot – and by ‘losing the plot’ I don’t mean the plot of my story, I am referring to my sanity – will be somewhat decreased.

Anyhoo, I will be updating my progress here of course, and all of the Nanowrimo posts will be archived in the relevant sect. (See sidebar)

I will also be writing a number of related articles here and there – namely on my magazine’s creative writing group blog – CWG.  So if you are taking part in the Nanowrimo challenge too then you can subscribe to that blog and help to breathe some life into the Creative Writing Group with your comments, guest posts, links and other contributions.


NANOWRIMO – What is it all about?

Nanowrimo is the National Novel Writing Month which takes place once a year during the 30 days of November.  It is a crazy, hectic, absurd month where thousands of people from all over the world get involved and attempt to write a novel in 30 days.  The challenge  is free, although donations are appreciated.  The general idea is to lose yourself in creative abandonment and just go for it – not worrying about perfect writing, but just keeping up with the word count and finishing 50,000 words by the end of the month.  It is a great incentive for those whose inner-editor prevents them from completing first drafts.  Plus there is that wonderful motivating sense of being part of a team of writers, all striving towards the same goal at the same time.

You can find out more about how the challenge originated and sign up for the challenge yourself  here.

If you are taking part and recording your November struggle in your own blog then leave your links and details in the comments section under this post and I will publish them in A-MUSE Magazine to help drive some traffic your way, and mine…

Good luck!

(And good luck to me too.)