Something crazy and rather dangerous is happening to me…

(I don’t write on this blog a lot, and so I feel like its a bit of a safe-haven; I can fall back on it to have a good old waffle now and then, and feel comforted by the fact that very few people I know will know about it, but I can still feel the relief of a public vent.)

My problem is er, somewhat embarrassing.  I have an addiction.  It’s a bit of a spending addiction, localised to Ebay.  But most specifically, and perhaps the most embarrassing thing, is that my spending addiction is focussed almost entirely on…


You might not think that is completely bizarre until I tell you that last week I received two brand new Filofaxes that I purchased together totalling £130. (Why does one need to buy two at the same time you ask?  Well one doesn’t, but I couldn’t decide which one I preferred more!)  But the really crazy thing is that I am currently fighting (and when I say fighting, you have no idea how literal I am being) but I am fighting the urge to purchase another Filofax this week – its beautiful – I’ve wanted it from the beginning – and its currently going for £80, which is a fifty quid reduction.

(These are my two newest additions – The chocolate Aston and the Wine Holborn zipped.  I love them both to pieces, don’t get me wrong, but well…)


If you are still kind enough to think I am not a crazy person yet, the next piece of information may sway you.  Last week when I received my two brand new Filofaxes, I was simultaneously overjoyed and deflated.  Why was I deflated?  Well quite obviously because suddenly I had no justification for browsing Ebay for Filofax bargains any more!  You see with my two new additions I am now the shameful owner of er… seven Filofaxes.

Then suddenly I was struck with the most tantalising idea…

What if I purchased a Filofax for my sister’s birthday?  She is returning to Uni in September, after all; she’ll need a diary of some kind.  Okay so she’s not a fan of Filofaxes, but that’s only because she hasn’t been introduced to them properly yet!  I mean how could she not share in the joy of list making and planning – she is a virgo, just like me… and we’re sisters so of course we have similar likes and dislikes…

I carried on like this until I had convinced myself that buying a present for my sister’s birthday was justification to return to Ebay to commence a new Filofax hunt.  I discovered the most beautiful Red Personal Chameleon Filofax… I have the same one in Aqua A5 and I adore it, but the red is just so vibrant!  My sister loves red – she has to have it!  So I purchased the Filofax for under £30 which I am so pleased with because they retail at £65.  Its brand new too!  So that will be arriving sometime this coming week.

But the problem is that I am now looking at all of my Filofaxes and I just know that when the Red Chameleon comes in the post I’m not going to want to part with it… unless I have something equally as glamorous to replace it when I have to hand it over!  And considering that my birthday is two days after my sister’s, wouldn’t it just be like I’m purchasing a birthday treat for myself?  That’s a good reason to purchase another Filofax for myself isn’t it?  I mean, it’ll be my birthday, and I’ll be 29 – what if I get all depressed because I’m nearing 30?  I’ll need something beautiful to cheer me up and distract me from my misery!

Maybe I should just resign myself to the admission that I am a collector of Filofaxes.  You know, some people collect stamps, others collect coins; some people collect antique furniture… maybe I am simply a collector of beautiful Filofax Organisers?  It could take the pressure off trying to find a use for them all, or a reason for purchasing.  I mean I can’t use them all at once anyway, even though I am trying – believe me – and its driving me a little loopy.  But if I am a collector, then owning the Filofaxes will be enough.  I don’t have to find uses for them all, or integrate them into my organisation system.  They can just be there for when I need a change.  And maybe one day they will be very valuable, and then they will be like heirlooms!

Okay, so I think I may have managed to convince myself to purchase this new Filofax for myself – its the extremely attractive Personal Osterley in rich Plum!  I am so  e x c i t e d . . . 

BTW.  I know I sound like a crazy, crazy person – but I am actually a serious writer, and so if you have stumbled over this blogpost because you are a Filofax fan, you might want to check out my Filofax Blog – FILOFANCY




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  1. Emmm, I don’t think that’s crazy at all. A tad excessive perhaps, but really, who am I to talk. I bought the London 2012 Icons because I wanted it -no other reason. Next year’s Filofax is all ready to go and it is unlikely that I will use the Icons, but I liked it and I wanted it so I bought it. I don’t buy a lot, not as much as I used to but I do wander through ebay at least once a week. I use two Filofaxes, the Scanda personal (which will be retired this year) and a Cuban Zip A5, which sits on my desk. I own about eight, I think…..

  2. Oh so dangerous! Ebay is banned on my computer until September when I have cash to splash again!
    And I so get the buying for other people problem. I just passed a grey pocket to my son rather than have it sit unused. He’s a writer so he will soon fill it and be back for more!

    • I wish I could ban myself from Ebay browsing, but it’ll never happen. I have given myself a spending cool-off period though – but only because I don’t have any money left! 🙂

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