I am very pleased and relieved to announce that after a long hot soak in the bath the other night, I managed to gather my thoughts and release all anxiety in the lavender-infused steam, and magically came up with –  the master plot to top all master plots!  I’m so happy.  I don’t know where the ideas came from but they just started to flow and flow; it was like a floodgate had opened, and alas I was in the bath-tub without a pen and pad in sight…

But I now have pages of scribbled notes, so I am now feeling prepared and raring to go… COME ON NaNoWriMo!

In fact I was feeling so inspired that evening that I even waffled out a suite 101 article on NaNoWriMo Last Minute Preparation – check it out if you need some inspiration and reassurance of your own.

I would indulge you on the ins and outs of my secret plot, but I’m afraid I can’t (because I think its a pretty good ‘un and I’ll be gutted if anyone stole it from me…)  But I’m sure I’ll be letting slip bits and pieces as the challenge gets stiffer and I need to vent about my characters who aren’t doing what they’re supposed to!

I’m so EXCITED!  Whoop whoop 🙂






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