Where have you all gone? :(


I had a bit of a guilt trip earlier this evening after watching a news feature on TV about the exploitation of interns, particularly in the media industries.  I began to wonder if the reason my regular magazine contributors have disappeared off the scene a bit recently is due to them feeling exploited.  Paranoia has officially set in.

I remember when I was writing for an online magazine about a year ago and not being paid.  I did it because I enjoyed it and loved the fantasy of being a little Carrie Bradshaw writing my little articles on relationships.  But then when I was chosen to be a paid contributor and I committed myself to writing five articles a week at £3 a pop.  I started to feel resentful which dried up my creativity, and soon gave it up.

I don’t offer any form of payment to my contributors at A-MUSE Magazine, simply because the magazine doesn’t make any money to give.  I edit and run the magazine without being paid because its my baby and I love it, and I hope that contributing writers love to write and are submitting their work with that in mind, and not feeling like they are being used.  My intentions for A-MUSE was always for it to be a collaborative creative space, and I am upfront about that from the outset.  But I can’t help wondering where my lovely contributors have gone…

Of course people have busy lives, me included.  I am aware that a week is a much longer time to A-MUSE than it is to them.  I guess I will just have to focus on trying to fill the gaps myself for a while until I get some new writers on board.

Oh if only I had funding… or a cloning device, and I could clone a nice little teams of me’s!


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