Dilution – The New Writers Block


I have a problem. It’s not a terrible problem, I can think of worse; but it’s definitely a problem for me. The problem is this… I have too many ideas.

I know, how crazy of a writer to complain about having too many ideas, right? But you don’t understand the seriousness of this situation. I have SO many ideas, and they keep coming at me. There just isn’t enough time to focus on any one idea, and so absolutely NOTHING is getting done! I can feel the stress rising inside of me as my worst fear is being realised… I am a writer who isn’t actually writing. This is a whole new kind of writers’ block.

Take this blog for example. The last post was written in May. Why? Because since May I have been bombarded by a hurricane of new ideas and projects, and this blog which was created in an attempt to have somewhere to offload, has just been abandoned and forgotten about. There is no time for me to offload because I have too many new ideas to execute!

What am I to do?


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