Dancing With Death


Bear in mind that  am a 27 year old female writer, currently unemployed and with no psycho tendencies as far as I am aware.  In this dream though, I am a professional ice-skater, and I am also a man.  I am performing a private rehearsal with my beautiful female skating partner in a large ice rink which is enclosed in a massive ballroom hall.  I am a majestic black swan and she is an illuminant white beauty.

For some reason I have to wear goggles during the rehearsal.  They distort my vision obscuring my surroundings  so that they are dark and blurry.  I can’t find my skating partner as I skate faster and faster, blindly in the darkness.  The speed thrills me and I twirl round and round with my hands held out, quickly changing directions every few seconds because I know how dangerous it could be to collide.

I realise that it is my goggles which are causing the problem and so I remove them.  It is then that I realise that my skating partner is throwing small knives at me.  I am skating so fast now that it is difficult to see her, so I dip and dive blindly in an attempt to avoid the flying knives which seem to be coming from all directions.

Then one lands near me, and the next thing I know I have it in my hand and I know what I have to do.  She won’t stop until she kills me, and so I throw the knife back at her and it lands loosely in her chest.  She falls to the ice in shock.  But seeing her still grope about weakly for another knife to throw, I approach her, panicked,  and stab her again.  And then once more until she isn’t moving any more, and her pure white costume is weeping red.


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  1. You know Freud believed that dreams with violence or sex- were in some sense healthy- he believed that they allowed a human to express their instinctual feelings in a healthy way. The same way a person may watch a boxing match or a burlesque show. Maybe He is right-or maybe you are strange. Beautifully written wither way 🙂

  2. Thanks Ben! I’ve never really thought of recording dreams before, but I’ve been having so many recently, all of which depict me as some kind of freak, so I thought I had better start paying attention to them.

    Ah Freud, genius/madman Freud, I remember you from my A-level Psychology days…

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