I have a new philosophy, I think you’ll like it!


Well, you’ll either like it or decide that  I have split personality complex.  All that I have been waffling on about; looking back, forwards, sideways, up, down, bla bla bla – is completely the wrong approach to life.  Life is meant to be exciting and spontaneous, how is life meant to take you by surprise if you are preoccupied with looking all over the place for signs, clues, warnings?  The new (and final) philosophy is to just close your eyes.

You can enjoy the way something feels without thinking about the why’s the what’s, the how’s, if’s, but’s, and’s…  just trust and enjoy being lead into the unknown, dealing with whatever is thrown at you when it happens.  No expectations, no reservations.

You might think it is a naive way to approach life, but isn’t it naive to think that you have any control over it whatsoever?  Right here right now – that is my new philosophy!  Appreciate the yesterdays and tomorrows but let your feelings be based on today.

Ah, freedom is a happy thing.  I don’t think I’ll be giving up writing just yet…


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