Its about to get very confusing…


Everything I have said so far about never looking behind you, and then the contradicting stuff about looking back at all costs – well, scrap it all!  The new rule is to develope 360 degree vision.  You need to know whats going on in all directions, its absolutely crucial.  Hire people to do the looking for you if you must, but just make sure that all angles are covered.  I have unpleasantly discovered that tunnel vision in any direction is a recipe for disaster and collision; the kind of collision that leaves you feeling completely 2-D.  It is probably also wise to to hire people to make your decisions for you when dealing with other human beings.  Human beings are delicate, delicate creatures – even the men.

Ugh, I feel absolutely yuck.  I am a bad, bad person.  I screwed up.  That’s all I am saying on the matter.  Well that, and that I may decide after this post to give up writing altogether, because I write about such a load of rubbish, and none of it has any place whatsoever in any world of respectable online literature.  I might even go as far to describe myself as a self-obsessed gossip.  I should just go and sign myself over to The Sun and give my waffle a purpose.

When it comes to people, you should think before you act.  And you may think that strangers don’t count, but they count the most, because they don’t know you, and they won’t understand your actions; they will take all so horribly personally.

I think this is an obscure attempt at admitting I was wrong.  But nobody will know what I am talking about here.  Which is fine by me, because the truth is just so utterly mortifying and tragic 😦

I have a new philosophy, I think you’ll like it!


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