I take it back – always, ALWAYS look behind you!


If you are not looking back, then how are you going to know if something nasty isn’t going to come up behind and BITE you when you’re least expecting it?  It’ll happen just when you think you’ve spotted something interesting in the near distance, but of course the reality is that whatever you thought you had spotted is useless anway because you are now lying down, halted in your tracks and injured with a very sore ass. 

I repeat, always, ALWAYS look behind you.  Keep looking behind; walk forwards backwards if you have to!  Just remember that being bitten bloody well hurts, and it will almost definitely happen to you if you are living in lala-land because it is always the delusional ones who make the funniest victims. 

I know that you’re probably worrying now about what I was saying in my previous post, you know about being too busy looking behind you and having opportunities passing you by?  Well I have a solution for that – adopt an unrealistic belief in fate.  If you believe in fate, and if you believe that you are a good person, then you can’t lose.  You will have faith in your delusional little head that at the very end things that were meant to be will be, and that anything you missed along the way will somehow find you anyway, because that is destiny.  And the absolute beauty of delusion is that once you do reach the end, it won’t matter whether or not fate exists or not because you will be dead, and you won’t know any better. 

If you are not paying attention to your past, and you do not pay attention to that strange sense of deja vu you know you’re experiencing, do not come crying to me when the bite comes.  And definitely do not blame it on my previous post because then I will know that you have not been following my blog religiously, which is very frowned upon here.  (Have you subscribed yet?  Maybe you should…)

Its about to get very confusing…


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