Never look back…


If you are looking behind you, how will you know…

…if you are going in the right direction?  You could just be heading towards a collision with a brick wall.  Or worse; the people and places you were meant to collide with may pass you by without you ever being aware of their existence.

Sometimes we must pull our eyes from the backs of our heads to the front, where they should be, and get excited about what might be around the next corner.

The things that have happened in your past don’t have to dictate who you are or where you are going.  Every human being has a soul with a destination but does that mean that you should just sit back and accept what happens to happen?  The depth and quality of any experience relates directly to what you contribute.

A bouquet of flowers presented to someone special will usually receive a welcome appreciation; but if the sender has made the effort to choose each stem with their loved one specifically in mine, the appreciation will award the person giving with a much warmer glow, whether or not the other person knows the effort they went to.

The same goes for anything; my tea tastes better in the mornings if I bother to stir it; I feel confident about things when I take the time to plan them.  If we spend our lives worrying about what has been, or taking it for granted that what will be will be in the future, then the magic of the journey itself is muted, and the smaller things which make up life become mundane.

Everybody complains at some point in their life that it is boring or mundane and predictable, but what do they expect if they are just following the obvious directions and sign-posts like robots, and constantly thinking back to the good ol’ days?  Our eyes must be open wide and attentive to our present, and forward-facing to a future filled with possibility.

The other day I was on the tube and the driver was having a fine old time interacting with his passengers through the speakers.  He was announcing the next stop, and talking about the weather, and reminding everyone to mind their step when they get off the train.  It fascinated me because he wasn’t at all visible to any of us, yet his jovial presence was filling every corner of the carriage and making everyone’s journey a cheerful one.  His enthusiasm brought me out of the little secluded world that I tend to retreat in to when travelling on the London Underground, and into the real one, where strangers in a train carriage were communicating to each other through smiles of acknowledgment that they were enjoying the unexpected commentary.

It got me to thinking… aren’t we all drivers of our own trains?  I have always imagined that driving a train for a living would be awfully dull, and that the driver basically sits at the front of his train staring ahead at him, tunnel-vision, prodding the controls without having to think too much about it because he has been doing the same thing for years, and looking out for the familiar red, amber, and green lights; and of course the light at the end of the tunnel.  Well many people live their lives exactly like this; but the fact is, no matter what the predictability of the destination, it is literally your choice and responsibility to bring some life into what would otherwise be a mind-numbing journey; and by doing so, you will probably end up attracting many interesting and inspired people into your life, because they are the kind of personalities who would choose to sit in the carriage of a train with a witty, entertaining, and enthusiastic commentary.

In conclusion – be the driver of your train, and not just a robot behind a wheel; invite life and interesting appreciative people into your carriage along the way; and for the love of god don’t keep looking behind you… you will crash your train and kill all of your wonderful passengers.

It is always good to reflect on your past, but if you send too much time there, reflection goes from helping you to move forward, to preventing you entirely.  Timing is everything in life, so don’t be distracted by what has already happened or you might have to miss a few stations to catch up with your time schedule – and who knows who may have been standing on those platforms, waiting to board your train!

I take it back – always, ALWAYS look behind you!


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